Since 1961 we have been producing long lasting wire mesh, designed and manufactured for the residential, industrial, sports, construction and agricultural sectors.

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A product for any need

A wide range of top-quality products, designed and manufactured suitable for any different application.

Italian soul, international character

Made in Italy with excellence and an international character;
with production, logistics and commercial subsidiaries across the world.

Research and sustainability

Low environmental impact production processes and exclusive technologies for secure, resistant and long-lasting products.

Specialist consulting

Designers and specialists in customer service providing tailor made products and services.
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Protective fencing for agricultural and livestock areas

To effectively protect cultivated land and livestock against intrusions by wild animals, the affected area must first be examined with particular attention to the characteristics of the land and the local fauna. In this article we summarise the fundamental steps to be followed to design an effective fencing system for the protection of agricultural land […]

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Fencing agricultural land: opportunities and solutions

FEATURES AND FUNCTION OF A GOOD FARM FENCE In the agricultural sector, fences have the important task of protecting cultivated land from the possible intrusion of wild animals. To ensure good protection, farmers must choose the most suitable type of fence, considering various factors such as: the animal species present in the area in question, […]

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