Since 1961 we have been producing long lasting wire mesh, designed and manufactured for the residential, industrial, sports, construction and agricultural sectors.

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Low environmental impact production processes and exclusive technologies for secure, resistant and long-lasting products.

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Designers and specialists in customer service providing tailor made products and services.
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Anti-cracking mesh for plaster recovery and light reinforcement

One of the main causes of the deterioration of a building is the degradation of its cladding and internal walls, often caused by inadequate protection during construction. From this perspective, reinforced plaster made with anti-cracking mesh is one of the best building solutions for the consolidation, renovation and structural reinforcement of the facades and interior […]

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Electrowelded wire mesh: characteristics, materials and contexts of use

Fencing for residential areas and gardens; securing agricultural and livestock areas; fencing off construction sites, industrial and sports facilities; reinforcement of floor screeds and roofing slabs. These are just some of the possible uses of electrowelded wire mesh, a type of mesh that is essential in building, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Here we analyse its […]

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Gharfa: Edoardo Tresoldi’s work in Saudi Arabia

‘Studio Studio Studio’ is the new programme conceived by Edoardo Tresoldi for the creation of cultural projects through collaboration with artists, musicians, designers, architects, and film makers. It aims to redefine the concept of creativity through fusion of different cultural, social and aesthetic factors.         In 2020 Studio Studio Studio opened Gharfa, a site-specific work created […]

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