The high level residential fence

  • Residential
  • Professional and security

Modular electro welded panels in galvanized steel wire, plastic coated in a green colour, with a rectangular-shaped mesh, horizontal reinforcement ribs and spikes at the top.

Panopro presents all the requirements of a high-quality professional fence, lending itself also to DIY use. The appropriate thickness of the steel wires combined with the shape of Profilpro posts, the innovative post/panel locking system, the depth of the horizontal ribs and anti-climbing spikes provide the fence with solidity and strength. The locking system with patented clips allows to join the panel to the post without the use of screws and bolts, prevents annoying vibrations and greatly facilitates the installation of the fence. The horizontal ribs, the geometry and arrangement of the mesh, the modularity of the connection between the pole and the panel, and the accurate plastic coating ensure a pleasant and modern appearance.

Panopro is part of the Ecosun Range, together with: Refortec and Mastertec.

Fact file

Electro welded panels
Zinc and PVC
mm 200 x 50
Anti-climbing spikes
On every models
Reinforcement ribs
Ø Wires
mm 5,00
Panel length
cm 250
Bright alps green
Industrial and residential areas fences

To complete the fencing system

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