Research and development

Reducing the environmental impact of production processes has always been among the Cavatorta Group’s key objectives. For this reason, for over twenty years, the Group has had a Research and Development department engaged in improving production processes by identifying new environmentally friendly processes. In addition, Cavatorta has been collaborating since 2004 with the European Commission in the LIFE project. In this section you will find the most important projects and technologies developed over the years.

Life programme

Our efforts to protect the environment and health have found an excellent partner in the European Commission which, through LIFE funding, is supporting and sustaining our commitment to sustainable development. Listed below are the most important projects developed over the years.


Since the mid-1990s, Cavatorta has had a Research and Development department that designs and introduces technologies and innovative elements aimed at continually improving the performance of the products, fine-tuning the production processes and reducing their environmental impact. Below are the most innovative technologies developed over the years.