Why choose Cavatorta

Cavatorta produces a wide range of high-quality metal fencing, protection and fencing systems, suitable for multiple applications in the residential, industrial, sports, construction, agricultural, garden and DIY sectors.
The main product categories include: wire meshes, galvanized and plastic-coated wires, nails and accessories suitable for any different application.


Careful selection of raw materials, strict safety standards for both people and the environment at all stages of the production process, research and innovation, highly-experienced designers and workers.
This is Cavatorta quality.
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Galvafort Process

Exclusive heavy-duty hot-dip galvanising process for wire and mesh. Ensuring corrosion resistance.
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Galvatec Process

Warranty of over 30 years against corrosion and cathodic protection for cuts and abrasions.
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Galvaplax Process

Exclusive plastic coating process, creating resistance and enhancing the uniformity and brightness of the coating.
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Seaplax Process

Technology that ensures resistance to immersion in salt water and temperature changes. Perfect for fish farming.
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Tecno Process

Exclusive technology applied to the metal tips, ensuring geometric perfection and quick and safe application.
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