Research and development

Tecno process

The Techno Process is the exclusive technology Cavatorta applies to the production of nails. Cutting edge production plants and rigorous quality control at all stages of the process allow to obtain, out of wires with a low and medium carbon content, nails whose peculiarity is not just the prime quality of the raw material used, but also their unique and perfect geometry, always complying with the UNI norms, which only the Cavatorta nails can boast; particulars are:

  • Absolutely straight shank;
  • Centred and perpendicular head compared to the axis of the shank;
  • Sharp point and free of imperfections”;
  • For common nails, checkered head.

Applied to the production of nails, the Cavatorta “Techno Process” is a guarantee of geometric perfection as well as a safe and fast application.