High-quality mesh and wire for fencing of fields and livestock rearing areas, produced to meet different needs and to maintain superior performance over time.

Recinzioni aree agricole

Fences for agriculture

Cavatorta meshes and wires for agriculture effectively protect land from intrusion by wild animals and, at the same time, protect the safety of the same animals. They adapt to different terrains also with slopes and irregularities. In addition, the quality of raw materials, the manufacturing processes, the diameter of the wire and the zinc and PVC coatings ensure high resistance to weather and corrosion over the years.
Recinzioni per animali

Fences for breeding

Simple strained or electro-welded wire mesh suitable for creating fencing and animal cages. Designed to effectively resist mechanical stress and weathering. The size and format of the mesh ensure excellent throughput of light and air without compromising security.

Products for agriculture and breeding