Galvanized netting

  • Construction
  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

Hexagonal netting zinc-coated after manufacture using Cavatorta’s unique Galvafort Process. For use in industrial, construction, agricultural, breeding and diy sectors.

Trefort fencing is sold in 50 m rolls on pallets wrapped in recyclable polyethylene film. The torsion of the wires and the hexagonal mesh together with the excellent quality standards and increased thickness of the zinc coating, obtained through the Galvafort Process, gives Trefort fencing exceptional durability and malleability. This makes it unbeatable when used for special products such as protective barriers for ornamental flowering plants, and fencing for small pets such as rabbits and birds. Trefort also has a wide range of applications in the building industry as a support for fine plaster, quick drying and average drying floating screed, and as reinforcement for thermal and acoustic insulation materials. Upon request, it is possible to produce mesh and wires different from the standard measurements.

Fact file

Hexagonal netting
Coating heavily galvanized after weaving by mean of Galvafort Process
Roll length
m 50 - Bricoline m 10
Fences for animals, tree and flower guards, support for plaster and insulation materials

To complete the fencing system

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