Since 1961 we have been producing long lasting wire mesh, designed and manufactured for the residential, industrial, sports, construction and agricultural sectors.

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A product for any need

A wide range of top-quality products, designed and manufactured suitable for any different application.

Italian soul, international character

Made in Italy with excellence and an international character;
with production, logistics and commercial subsidiaries across the world.

Research and sustainability

Low environmental impact production processes and exclusive technologies for secure, resistant and long-lasting products.

Specialist consulting

Designers and specialists in customer service providing tailor made products and services.
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News and insights from the world of Cavatorta

HSF Activa: the new Cavatorta automatic anti-intruder fencing system

Together with Sicurit Alarmitalia Spa, Cavatorta Project has created a new anti-intruder fencing system: HSF Activa™. This fencing system is able to detect any attempts of intrusion, to cut, break through or climb over the fencing. Unlike conventional fencing systems to which the active protection elements are attached on the outside, HSF Activa™ is an […]

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Simbiosi: Tresoldi’s new artwork in Italy

In September 2019 Edoardo Tresoldi unveiled his new artwork entitled Simbiosi (Symbiosis). The installation can be found in the famous Arte Sella Park, which suffered serious damage last winter due to storms, but continues its regeneration, thanks to this work. Arte Sella is an outdoor art gallery in Borgo Valsugana, Trentino, where artworks blend with […]

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The Cavatorta recyclable steel cable

The LIFE European programme was born with the following objectives: to fund environmental safeguarding projects and biodiversity projects and to raise awareness of topics relating to climate change and Cavatorta has participated in the Life project for many years. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of production processes and offer useful data and information […]

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