Wire for fruit orchards

  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

Green PVC coated wire on galvanized core. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive process Galvaplax Process created by Cavatorta. Galvaplax is sold in bound coils packages protected by a recyclable polyethylene film. Upon request, Galvaplax is available in industrial size coils on spools. The specific mechanical and structural characteristics of the wire make Galvaplax particularly suitable for applications both in the agricultural sector (for example, fruit orchards), as well as for industrial applications where high environmental acidity accentuates the speed of steel corrosion, which must be effectively prevented.

Galvaplax Process Warranty
The exclusive method perfected by Cavatorta for extreme durability and resistance: the hot galvanized blade of steel is immersed in a bath of special primer, which determines an intimate adhesion of the PVC to the galvanized steel wire base. The plasticising takes place by means of a melting process in a fluidized bed, which ensures an uniform coverage.

Fact file

Ecoscor ® environmentally friendly zinc and PVC
Ø Wires
Plastic wire dia. 1.80 – 4.70 mm
Tensile Strength
450-550 N/mm2
Strapped coils – Pattern laid coils


Under normal operating conditions the performances of the Galvaplax wire are guaranteed for over 10 years against corrosion.

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