Vineyard wire

  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

Heavily galvanized steel wire supplied in both standard or pattern laid coils of selected weight. The zinc coating is obtained through the exclusive Galvafort Process created by Cavatorta. Mainly for use in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Galvafort wire is sold in bound coils packages protected by a recyclable polyethylene film.

Galvafort zinc coating is far superior to the minimum thickness required by European standards. The coat is clean, homogeneous and uniform, and constitutes a double barrier, both physical and electrochemical, against oxidation. A second important characteristic of zinc coating obtained through Galvafort Process is that it does not flake when subjected to bending tests prescribed by product standards.

Fact file

Ø Wires
min 1,8 - max 5,50 mm (12-22 JDP)
Tensile Strength
450-550 N/mm2
Strapped coils – Pattern laid coils

To complete the fencing system

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