Code of ethics


This Code of Business Conduct sets out the principles and values regulating the activities of Cavatorta Group and of the companies it controls.

Notions such as transparency, integrity, loyalty, respect and responsibility are basic values for the entire network of Cavatorta Group relations, which puts strategic focus on the promotion of the culture of social responsibility of business, in line with the principles of standard SA 8000:2001.


This Code of Business Conduct is binding for the conduct of all those, whether director, employee or collaborators, who act on behalf of the Group or of the company it controls, both with regard to their in-house relationships and their relationships with anyone outside the Group. Respecting the principles set out in this Code is essential in order to enhance the credibility and reliability of the Group to leading players in the market and plays a central role for increasing the Group’s competitive edge.


All addresees of this Code must refrain from any action that may be in conflict with the Group interests. In particular, they must not:

  • break the law or fail to abide by the rules set out in this Code, as well as standards and in-house procedures;
  • pursue personal interests at work that are in conflict with the Group interests;
  • behave in a manner that may favour competitors;
  • benefit from any business opportunities pertaining to Group companies;
  • accept gifts, favours or benefits of any kind, except gifts of modest value provided this has no effect on the normal conduct of the recipient;
  • make gifts in cash or goods, with the exception of commercial courtesy gifts and services of modest value;
  • benefit and/or make improper use of any information obtained at work.


At work, part of every Addressee’s job is to make an active contribution to the creation of an environment that is free from prejudice and respects the personality and dignity of all workers.

Relationships between Group employees and marked by the values of civil coexistence, mutual respect, the principle of equal social status and the rejection of any form of discrimination. Notwithstanding the existence of different roles and levels of responsibility, the various functions in the company must be carried out in a loyal and fair manner and with mutual respect. Each department manager exercises the poker related to his or her role in an objective and balance manner, stimulating the professional growth of his or her colleagues and the ongoing improvement of conditions at work in general. All employees are required to be cooperative and to fulfil their duties responsibly, efficiently and diligently. The contractual relations with employees revolve around compliance with the obligations of social and employment laws. Workers have the right to join a trade union and carry out any related activities.


The company belonging to the Group under take to comply with the regulations in force and to ensure a workplace that respects the safety and health of employees, preparing and taking all necessary measures to do so. Employees must respect the measures for prevention and safety put in place by the appropriate company department.


The group companies acknowledge that the ongoing control of the impact of its activities on the environment represents a strategic objective in business. Thus, their commitment includes:

  • identifying the principal factors that determine the environmental quality of their company and keeping them under control;
  • coordinating and optimising all activities that may have an impact on the environment;
  • allocating specific responsibilities to internal staff in order for these to be accomplished;

For this reasons, they aim to:

  • comply with all “environmental” requirements, also as regards their relationships with suppliers;
  • adhere to all current legal requirements regarding the protection of the environment, adjusting production activities should laws be amended or new legislation be issued;
  • monitor production processes in order to reduce waste, with the support of properly trained and thus qualified staff;
  • systematically detect the environmental impact of the various production categories, under standing their effects, identifying causes and making the necessary corrections;
  • contain the impact of the production of waste on the environment, sending it to specialized company for recovering and recycling;
  • increase the amount of recycled packaging used for the packing and transportation of products.
  • distribuire responsabilità specifiche al personale interno per la loro realizzazione.


The mission of the Group and of its associated companies focuses on complete customer satisfaction, also in order to progressively consolidate the level of reliability and credibility of the Group perceived by the market. Customers focus is the optimal result that must be pursued by all Addressees with diligence, courtesy, fairness, professional skill and competence. The pertinent company department is responsible for the selection and choice of suppliers based on the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and cost benefits for the Group Company. The provisions set out in the paragraphs above also apply with reward to potential conflicts of interest.


The pertinent company departments must comply strictly with the principles of fairness, impartiality and autonomy in their management of relationships with Public Institutions and Bodies, Association, Political parties and Trade Unions. Group company, therefore, under take not to contribute to trade unions or political parties, movements, committees or organizations, or to their representatives.


Relations between the comapany and the media are handled exclusively by the pertinent company departments and must be carried out in compliance with the company’s marketing and communication and communications strategies. Information and communications must be clear, complete and must not be misleading while respecting the confidentiality require for certain matters of the Group’s business.