HSF Activa: the new Cavatorta automatic anti-intruder fencing system

Together with Sicurit Alarmitalia Spa, Cavatorta Project has created a new anti-intruder fencing system: HSF Activa™. This fencing system is able to detect any attempts of intrusion, to cut, break through or climb over the fencing. Unlike conventional fencing systems to which the active protection elements are attached on the outside, HSF Activa™ is an […]

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Simbiosi: Tresoldi’s new artwork in Italy

In September 2019 Edoardo Tresoldi unveiled his new artwork entitled Simbiosi (Symbiosis). The installation can be found in the famous Arte Sella Park, which suffered serious damage last winter due to storms, but continues its regeneration, thanks to this work. Arte Sella is an outdoor art gallery in Borgo Valsugana, Trentino, where artworks blend with […]

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The Cavatorta recyclable steel cable

The LIFE European programme was born with the following objectives: to fund environmental safeguarding projects and biodiversity projects and to raise awareness of topics relating to climate change and Cavatorta has participated in the Life project for many years. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of production processes and offer useful data and information […]

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How to create a vineyard simply and securely

Setting up a vineyard requires a series of steps for working the soil to ensure that the vines can take root, grow healthily and flourish. It also requires a process of creating the structure to support the vines. Vines prefer loose, well drained soil, which enables the roots to penetrate deeply. It is therefore essential […]

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Fencing posts: types, materials, accessories

Posts are one of the basic elements of any fencing system. They, of course, come in different types, shapes , materials and sizes. Choosing these options carefully is essential to building a solid and durable fence. In this article, we look together at the main types of post and accessories indispensable for their proper post […]

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Limes: the metallic faces of Edoardo Tresoldi mark the Barcelona skyline

After his highly success work “”, made for the famous Parisian shopping centre Le Bon Marche – Rive Gauche, and the majestic reconstruction of the , Edoardo Tresoldi has created a new sculptural installation in the centre of Barcelona. The installation of “Limes”, is a site-specific creation for the 25th anniversary of L’Illa Diagonal, Barcelona’s […]

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