Fillmore, the majestic installation by Tresoldi Studio in New York

Scenic, visionary and surprising. We’re talking about Fillmore, the work of art designed and created by Tresoldi Studio for the Cathédrale restaurant at the Moxy East Village hotel in New York. Having already completed extraordinary works such as Basilica di Siponto, Simbiosi and Opera, Edoardo Tresoldi surprises us once again with an impressive installation that […]

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Cavatorta high-security fences for protecting Ghedi and Aviano Air Bases

Cavatorta Project is the division of the Cavatorta Group responsible for designing and installing: custom-made mesh fencing for farming, construction and industry; perimeter protection, security and defence systems.  With many years of experience producing high-security fencing systems for international customers such as the UN and NATO, the Cavatorta Group has designed and developed new high-tech […]

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Motorway fencing: features and advanced solutions

Vehicles on motorways and major roads need to be protected from external dangers, especially animals straying onto the road. At the same time, in the event of accidents, it is necessary to contain the vehicles involved in the collision in order to prevent them from straying across onto other lanes. Motorway fences perform precisely this […]

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Temporary fencing for construction sites and roadworks: Mobiclic

Cavatorta Mobiclic is a resistant and safe temporary fence, ideal for defining and protecting public areas, construction sites and roadworks. This fencing system consists of: bases in reinforced concrete or high visibility PVC; electro-welded mesh panels with rectangular-shaped meshes, with three horizontal reinforcing folds and anti-climb spikes on the top edge; poles in hot-dip galvanized […]

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Opera: the new installation by Edoardo Tresoldi

The author of internationally renowned works such as Gharfa in Saudi Arabia, Simbiosi in the Arte Sella park in Trentino and the evocative Basilica in the Archaeological Park of Siponto in Puglia, Edoardo Tresoldi amazes us once again with a new permanent public art installation on the Falcomatà seafront in Reggio Calabria. The installation in […]

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Electrowelded wire mesh: characteristics, materials and contexts of use

Fencing for residential areas and gardens; securing agricultural and livestock areas; fencing off construction sites, industrial and sports facilities; reinforcement of floor screeds and roofing slabs. These are just some of the possible uses of electrowelded wire mesh, a type of mesh that is essential in building, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Here we analyse its […]

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Gharfa: Edoardo Tresoldi’s work in Saudi Arabia

‘Studio Studio Studio’ is the new programme conceived by Edoardo Tresoldi for the creation of cultural projects through collaboration with artists, musicians, designers, architects, and film makers. It aims to redefine the concept of creativity through fusion of different cultural, social and aesthetic factors.         In 2020 Studio Studio Studio opened Gharfa, a site-specific work created […]

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