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Trade fairs 2022: Cavatorta news

During the year 2022, Cavatorta participated in a number of prestigious international trade fairs covering different sectors, namely security, agriculture, animal husbandry, and construction. Here we would like to tell you about our experience as exhibitors and the most important innovations presented.

Intersec Dubai / January 2022

Considered to be one of the most important international trade fairs dedicated to security, Intersec is a place where buyers and brands of excellence operating in the fields of fire services, cyber security, and the protection of residential, military, and industrial areas come together and exchange views.

The Cavatorta exhibition area at Intersec

We participated in Intersec with a dedicated exhibition space for HSF Activa™, one of our flagship products for perimeter securing. This is a very high security fence (ASTM F2781-15 certified) that is equipped with an advanced anti-intrusion system that detects cutting, breaking, and climbing attempts.

HSF Activa™ is an integrated system, equipped with conduits specially designed to contain sensors, wiring, and signal lines, in a protected, invisible, and inviolable way.

The system consists of high-security electrowelded mesh panels, produced using 4 mm (8 ga) Galvatec® (Alu-Zinc alloy) anti-cutting and anti-climb wire. In addition, the small mesh size (76.2×12.7 mm) does not allow feet or hands to find a hold, and cannot be cut through using cutters.

Salon JDC Marseille / March 2022

The Salon JDC takes place at the Parc Chanot in Marseille and is a fair dedicated to operators in the garden and landscaping sectors. The 2022 edition hosted more than 380 exhibitors and spanned three main professional areas:

  • Gardening, offering advanced garden solutions and tools.
  • Building, with products dedicated to landscape interventions.
  • Outdoor, with a wide range of solutions for experiencing green spaces, both public and private, as a place of wellbeing.

The Cavatorta exhibition area at the Salon JDC

In our exhibition space at the Salon JDC we presented the products Autofor, Astroplax, Superclos Plus, Esafort and Gamma Pano. Here we focus on the last two products mentioned.


Electro-welded and galvanised mesh after welding through our unique Galvafort Process which guarantees exceptional corrosion resistance resulting in a superior quality level. It is made of rectangular or square meshes and the vertical and horizontal wires, both linear, are made of galvanised steel. Its versatility and high performance in terms of durability and resistance make it ideal for fencing public and private green spaces.         

Gamma Pano

Gamma Pano is our line dedicated to fencing green spaces and residential use. It consists of the following products.

  • Panoplax
    A highly competitive, strong, elegant, long lasting fencing system which is easy to install and is recommended as a residential or light security fencing solution. Hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated welded mesh in panels. To give strength and security the panels are manufactured with reinforcing crimps and barbs protecting the top of the panel.
  • Panoplax 2
    Fencing in electro-welded modular panels made out of plastic coated steel wires on galvanized core, with rectangular shaped mesh, horizontal reinforcement bends and defensive barbs on the upper part. In association with the posts Profilplax is particularly indicated for fencing in residential, commercial and industrial areas. The innovative post/panel blocking system (without the use of screws and bolts), the depth of the horizontal bends and the climb prevention barbs make the fence robust, solid and easy to install.
  • Panopro
    Modular electro welded panels in galvanized steel wire, plastic coated in a green colour, with a rectangular-shaped mesh, horizontal reinforcement ribs and spikes at the top. The locking system with patented clips allows to join the panel to the post without the use of screws and bolts, prevents annoying vibrations and greatly facilitates the installation of the fence.

Fieragricola Verona / February 2022

Fieragricola is one of the most prestigious exhibitions for operators in the agricultural sector. The 2022 edition saw 520 exhibitors, 68,000 trade visitors, 20 breeder associations, and 120 conferences and events on topical and technical issues.

The Cavatorta exhibition area at Fieragricola

At Fieragricola we gave an in-depth presentation of our agricultural wire range and the D-Fence system. The following is a summary of the latter.  

D-Fence is the new fence system designed by Cavatorta for protection from wild animals. This is an innovative type of anti-trespassing and climb-proof fencing to secure agricultural areas and livestock farms by preventing incursions of small, medium, and large wild animals (including wolves and wild dogs).

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