The multifunctional zinc coated mesh

  • Construction
  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

Esafort is made up of electro-welded steel wires with rectangular or square shaped meshes zinc-coated after welding using the exclusive Galvafort Process. Esafort’s extensive product range enables an extremely wide variety of applications in construction, industry, agricultural, breeding, aviary and DIY sectors. The high quality zinc-coating process Galvafort Process, perfected by Cavatorta, makes Esafort a highly superior product with various advantages including:

  • a homogeneous zinc-coating, which is uniform and extends to every part of the mesh;
  • a considerable thicker layer of zinc compared to that required by European standards which gives increased corrosion resistance;
  • superior adherence of the protective zinc-coating to the steel wire which prevents it flaking when subjected to bending and shaping.

Fact file

Electro welded
Square or rectangular
Galvanized by means of Galvafort Process after welding
Roll length
m 25 - m 30 - Bricoline m 5
Industrial mesh, railways and public areas, animal fencing and cages, tree guards, panels in general
5 - 25 - 30 m rolls on pallets wrapped in recyclable polyethylene film

To complete the fencing system

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