Quality is the culmination of a journey that begins with the careful selection of raw materials (steel, zinc, PVC etc.). At all stages of the production process, Cavatorta abides by strict environmental and personal safety standards. Furthermore, the Group is constantly involved in research and innovation in order to respond more effectively to the consumers’ needs.


Elegance, strength, safety and durability are our production targets. Before deciding, it is always a good idea to compare several products of the same brand or different brands, focusing particularly on the following characteristics.


  • Wires protected by a thick and adherent protective coating
  • Wires perfectly welded
  • Precise and solid mesh
  • Trimmed edges with no sharp sections
  • Guaranteed wire diameter, roll weight and length


  • Bright surface
  • Centred head and perpendicular to the axis of the nails
  • Perfect point
  • No 2nd choice production is packed
  • Guaranteed set weight of pack (packing weight guaranteed)


  • Protected by a thick and adherent, uniform protective coating
  • Guaranteed wire diameter, reel weight and length


Having reached international status has not prevented us from preserving our being Italian. In an increasingly globalized market which has opened new perspectives, but on the other hand has led to devastating effects on the Italian and European economy and on a quality level of the production in the field of wire rod by-products, our Group is one of the few companies that, even having set up logistics and sales subsidiaries abroad apart from the two production factories in France and Romania, has kept management, workforce and, above all the main production factories in Italy.


The will to strongly maintain the bond with the “Made in Italy” mark is the most concrete sign of how today, just like fifty years ago, we consider it a priority to safeguard the quality of our products. That is because Cavatorta believes in the importance of:

  1. Maintaining high standards of quality for raw materials and finished products;
  2. Developing innovative products to meet customers’ demand;
  3. Guaranteeing the safety of products and of the workplace;
  4. Complying with quality standards for processes and products;
  5. Designing and implementing production processes that are coherent with the notion of safeguarding the environment.