La Boîte de Pandore: Daniela Capaccioli’s new work in collaboration with Nicolas Amar

On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche (White Night) 2023 in Paris, Daniela Capaccioli exhibited her latest work Boîte de Pandore, a monumental sculpture entirely made of Cavatorta wire mesh, in collaboration with the artist Nicolas Amar. The installation space The place of the exhibition is the Socle de Paris. A magnificent pedestal located at […]

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How to secure skylights

Skylights are an excellent solution for the ventilation and illumination of rooms such as attics, lofts and buildings for industrial and agricultural use. Usually made of glass, polycarbonate or fibreglass, they are not very strong and easily breakable, which is why they can be the cause of accidental falls during maintenance and restoration work, especially […]

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How to install a fence on sloping terrain

The installation of a fence on sloping terrain is an operation that requires careful preliminary assessments in order for it to be efficient, durable and suitable for its intended purpose.

In this article we analyse the most important aspects to consider with a focus on Cavatorta products suitable for this type of terrain.

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Routine and extraordinary maintenance of fences

Fences, like other structures, require regular maintenance in order for them to last for long time and to ensure they best fulfil their protective function. 

In this article we will offer some advice for routine and extraordinary maintenance of fences with a focus on the regulations surrounding this.

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Trade fairs 2022: Cavatorta news

During the year 2022, Cavatorta participated in a number of prestigious international trade fairs covering different sectors, namely security, agriculture, animal husbandry, and construction. Here we would like to tell you about our experience as exhibitors and the most important innovations presented.

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Guide to sports fences: regulations, technical characteristics, solutions

Fencing plays a crucial role in the protection and safety of a sports facility. In this context, the technical characteristics and the installation of a fencing system are governed by regulations in relation to specific sports activities and types of facilities.

Given the complexity and importance of the topic, we decided to carry out this in-depth analysis focusing on the characteristics of a certified sports fencing system.

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Protective fencing for agricultural and livestock areas

To effectively protect cultivated land and livestock against intrusions by wild animals, the affected area must first be examined with particular attention to the characteristics of the land and the local fauna. In this article we summarise the fundamental steps to be followed to design an effective fencing system for the protection of agricultural land […]

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