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Industrial safety and security fencing: characteristics and solutions

Safety and security fence systems installed in industrial settings have the purpose of both externally delimiting the buildings used for production and protecting the work areas with machinery and robots in operation. In this article we take a look at this type of fencing's main features.

Perimeter protection systems

Perimeter safety fences are made with modular systemsthat delimit and protect the areas used for automated production, where machinery and robots are therefore present. The aim is to ensure the highest level of safety for workers and maintenance technicians by protecting them from any accidental falls or any material being ejected during the production process.

For safety fences to be effective and obtain certifications of conformity, they must comply with certain characteristics. Here are just a few:

  • they must be strong and sturdy;
  • they must not be easily bypassed or rendered ineffective;
  • they must respect sufficient distances from the hazardous area;
  • they must guarantee access for maintenance by limiting it to authorised personnel;
  • they must comply with a whole series of safety specifications according to the type of fence.

Fencing of industrial areas

Industrial areas need particularly strong and sturdy perimeter protection systems to prevent and hinder any attempt to break in and to protect workers during specific external operations.

Cavatorta has developed two high security fencing systems that we briefly describe below.

High Security Fencing

High security welded mesh made with Zinc-Aluminium alloy wire with a diameter of 4 mm both vertically and horizontally and with a mesh width of 76.2 x 12.7 mm. The wire coating is made using the exclusive Galvatec process which gives excellent corrosion resistance and cathodic protection against cuts and abrasions.

The quality of the raw materials, the dense mesh and the diameter of the wires gives High Security Fencing high quality standards in terms of burglar-proof and anti-climb.

For product details, information and requests for quotes, please see the High Security Fencing technical data sheet.

HSF Activa

Security system consisting of high security electro-welded mesh panels anti-cutting and anti-climbing produced using Galvatec® wire. The small size of the meshes (76.2×12.7 mm) and the strength of the wire do not allow foot or hand holds and attempts to break through using wire cutters. In addition, HSF Activa is equipped with an active protection system integrated within the structure to detect attempts to intrude, cut, break through and climb over.

For product details, information and requests for quotes, please see the HSF Activa technical data sheet.

Cavatorta Project and the creation of customised security systems

Cavatorta Project is a special division of the Cavatorta Group specialised in the design, production and supply of special mesh fences and systems for perimeter protection and security.

With over fifty years in the business, Cavatorta Project also provides comprehensive technical consultancy for the assembly phase and on-site technical support through qualified installers, in compliance with current regulations.

In particular, for the industrial sector Cavatorta Project focuses on creating:

  • special custom-designed mesh fencing to protect machinery, systems and winches in motion, fall arrest nets for shelving and warehouses, specific meshes for systems and machines in the food sector;
  • building security systems, physical protections of industrial perimeters, sites, systems, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other system from attack and intrusion for theft, damage or contamination.

Please contact us for further details and requests for information and quotes

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