HSF Activa™

When security becomes "Activa"

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Made In Italy

HSF Activa™ is made up of high security electro-welded mesh panels, produced using 4.00 mm (8 ga.) Galvatec® coated wires (Alu-Zinc alloy). The HSF Activa™ panels, classified as Anti Cut and Anti Climbing, are made to prevent any vandalism thanks to the small 76.2 x 12.7 mm meshes as well as its resistance, both factors create a safety barrier against climb over, not allowing any support to feet or hands. Not even the wire cutters can be used as there is not enough space between the meshes.
The heart of HSF Activa™ is a sophisticated system for detecting the points of attack (detection accuracy of +/- 2.5 m) which, compared to traditional fence systems, is completely hidden and tamper-proof. The sensors are hidden in special compartments obtained inside the posts or bars of the HSF system, while the connecting bus cable passes inside special ducts which are part of the structure and allow the transit of the lines along the entire perimeter of the fence.

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Fact file

Electro welded panels
Alu-Zinc alloy
mm 76,2 x 12,7
mm 4,00
For companies and designers
Download the BIM objects related to HSF Activa


Being designed to resist climbing over, the system is designed to detect vibrations caused mainly by mechanical actions deriving from the attempt to violate the perimeter using cutting tools such as grinders, or to detect the vibrations generated when a ladder, used to climb over, is placed on the ground. In addition HSF Activa™ uses a "differential logic", which drastically reduces false alarms caused by critical weather conditions (such as heavy rain, wind, hail) thus allowing the system to function optimally in any environmental condition, without affecting its performance. The HSF Activa™ System is totally configurable, in terms of dimensions and construction features and equipment; based on customer's requirements and on the desired level of security and can also integrate various accessories such as lighting systems, cameras, speakers, external sensors, infrared sensors, fiber, etc.

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