Panoplax 2

Safety - Elegance - Simplicity

  • Residential

Fencing in electro-welded modular panels made out of plastic coated steel wires on galvanized core, with rectangular shaped mesh, horizontal reinforcement bends and defensive barbs on the upper part. Posts in profiled steel with triangular shape extracted from zinc coated sheeting Z 275, plastic coated green colour, with blocks on the inner side for mounting panels and caps welded to the heads. The Panoplax2 + Profilplax system is particularly indicated for fencing in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Panoplax2 + Profilplax are respectively sold in packages of 50 and 60 pieces each. Panoplax2 fulfils all the requirements of high grade professional fencing but is also suitable for the DIY market. The thickness of the steel wire, the modular post, the innovative post/panel blocking system, the depth of the horizontal bends and the climb prevention barbs make the fence robust and solid. The system allows the post and panel to be fitted together without the use of screws and bolts, which prevents bothersome vibrations and makes installation easier. The horizontal bends, the shape of the mesh, the modular fitting between post and panel, the perfect plastic coating all combine to give an extremely attractive product.

Fact file

Electro welded panels
Zinc and PVC
mm 100 x 50
Anti-climbing spikes
On every models
Reinforcement ribs
Horizontal wires
Ø Wires
mm 4,00
Panel length
cm 200
Bright alps green
Residential and industrial areas fences

To complete the fencing system

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