Long lasting barbed wire

  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

High tensile barbed wire with double stranded steel wires coated with zinc/aluminium using the exclusive “Galvatec Process”. The barbs are coated in the same way and are twisted around the double stranded wire. Designed for use in fencing for industrial, agricultural and zoological sectors. Ricciotec barbed wire is sold in rolls of 100, 250 and 500 m, in accident prevention packages with carry handles (lilac packaging).

Ricciotec barbed wire meets the needs of modern agriculture as it displays less than 10% elongation and its mechanical characteristics remain unchanged for more than 30 years, thereby reducing routine maintenance.

Fact file

High tensile barbed wire
Galvanized by means of Galvafort Process (Zn+Al)
Ø Load bearing wires (2)
mm 1,70
Ø Barbs (4)
mm 1,50
Tensile Strength
N/mm2 1000-1200
Roll length
m 100-250-500
Fencing of agricultural and breeding farms, industrial and military sites

To complete the fencing system

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