Pavitec Pro

High adherence anti-cracking reinforcing panels

  • Construction
Made In Italy

Electro welded mesh with improved adherence in flat sheets for floors and facades, with-anti cracking and anti-shrinkage functions.

The transverse and longitudinal wires of the panel, both linear and orthogonal to each other, have a surface provided with ribs, evenly distributed along the entire length, which prevent the mutual sliding between steel and concrete, and consequently improve the adhesion between the panel and the concrete.

Themeshwires are protected by a zinc coating through a galvanizing process by means of hot-dip in order to increase resistance against corrosion. The Pavitec Pro Ribbed panel is sold in bundles of 20 pieces, placed on pallets of 25 bundles each, for a total of 500 panels.

Fact file

Electro welded
Panel height
cm 100
Panel length
cm 200
Ø Wires
mm 2,00
Light armouring, with anti-cracking function for tiles, floating and heated pavements, ramps, parking lots, swimming pools, low blocks, terraces, balconies and facades

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