Pavitec Professional

Improved adherence anti-cracking reinforcing panels with fold spacers

  • Construction
Made In Italy

A panel created and manufactured to solve every installation problem; in fact the particular support geometry, characterized by the presence of 5 longitudinal folds, makes the use of spacers unnecessary. Of the 5 folds, 2 are placed on the edges in order to allow the overlap among adjacent panels without having to resort to the traditional and expensive ligatures; furthermore, the 3 folds intermediate allow walking on the panel, thus avoiding that it gets deformed. The mesh wires are made of high resistance steel (700-800 N/mm2) and have a surface provided with ribs which prevent the mutual sliding between steel and concrete; furthermore, themeshwires are protected by a zinc coating, obtained by means of a hot-dip galvanizing process. All this allows to obtain a screed (or slab) that is smooth, clean and, above all, free from cracks; resistant from the mechanical point of view and, therefore, particularly suitable for the installation of any type of internal and external coating paving. Pavitec Professional is installed with extreme ease and speed and ensures excellent results: the longitudinal folds simplify the alignment of the panels during assembly and ensure that the sheets can be applied a in raised position with respect to the substrate, so as to remain completely and perfectly immersed in the screed.

Fact file

Electro welded
Panel height
cm 100
Panel length
cm 200
mm 77 x 75
Ø Wires
mm 2,00
Light armouring, with anti-cracking function for tiles, floating and heated pavements, ramps, parking lots, swimming pools, low blocks, terraces, balconies and facades
Bundles of 10 pieces, placed on pallets of 30 bundles each, for a total amount of 300 panels


The panels of the Pavitec Professional line are totally devoid of sharp edges and, therefore, comply with the regulations in force regarding the protection of safety in the workplace.

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