Red box nails

Unmistakable quality

  • Construction
Made In Italy

Tips nails produced with low carbon steel (0.05-0.06%) in compliance with standards UNI 3614 and UNI-EN 10218-2. For use in the building, DIY, industrial, agricultural and breeding sectors.

Red Box nails by Cavatorta are sold in packages of 5 kg, packed in boxes of 4 packages on pallets holding 60 boxes each, for a comprehensive weight of 1200 kg, wrapped in recyclable polyethylene film.

The Cavatorta nails have a shiny and dry surface, thanks to the exclusive Techno Process, also a perfectly centred and perpendicular head compared to the axis of the shank, and a spike that is absolutely free of imperfections: these all details that make a difference and that make the Cavatorta nail unique and unmistakable.

Fact file

UNI 3614 Labels
Common nail, large head nail, very large head nail, hardened nail, loose head nail, staple
Carbon content
Low (0,05-0,06%)
Net packaging weight
Kg 5

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