Bricoline nails

The DIY nails

  • Residential
Made In Italy

Nails produced with low (0.05%-0.06%) and mid (average 0.65%) carbon content. For use in professional and diy sectors.

The Cavatorta Bricoline Nails are sold in practical resealable boxes made from recycled plastic and are available in the following sizes: 125 gr in boxes of 64 pieces; 250 gr in boxes of 40 pieces; 500 gr in boxes of 16 pieces; 1 kg in boxes of 12 pieces.

As with all Cavatorta nails, Bricoline Nails have a shiny, clean surface and, thanks to the exclusive Tecno Process, they also have a perfect point, free of any defects. The superb quality of these nails makes them ideal for construction purposes, especially for small jobs that require particular care and attention (installation of floor moulding, bevelled edges, etc). They are supplied in plastic, resealable containers suitable for reuse.

Fact file

UNI 3614 Labels
Common nail, large head nail, very large head nail, hardened nail, loose head nail, staple
Packaging weight
g 125, 250, 500, 1000, in resealable package

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