Decoplax Evoluzione

The mesh evolution

  • Residential
  • Professional and security
Made In Italy

This fencing is made from electro-welded, plastic-coated wire with differentiated and octagonal shaped meshes. The vertical (linear) and horizontal (shaped) wires of the electro-welded mesh are made in zinc coated steel. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive sintering process “Galvaplax Process” created by Cavatorta.

Mainly for use in fencing for residential and industrial areas. Its performance is guaranteed for over 10 years if used in normal condition. Decolplax Evoluzione fencing mesh is sold in rolls of 25 m on pallets with 9 rolls each wrapped in protective recyclable polyethylene film.

Born from an original Decoplax design, this mesh has technical and structural characteristics that allows for it use in wider applications than that of standard Decoplax. Decoplax Evoluzione is an elegant fencing made up of smaller octagons, which give it added strength. It is suitable for all types of fences, including those requiring a high level of security.

Fact file

Electro welded
Ecoscor ® Environmentally friendly zinc and PVC
Ø Straight vertical wires
mm 2,60
Ø Woven horizontal wires
mm 2,40
Roll length
m 25
Bright alps green or anthracite
Industrial and residential areas fences

To complete the fencing system

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