Special electro-welded wire mesh for "fur breeders"

  • Agriculture and breeding
Made In Italy

Cavatorta’s high-tensile steel wire provides strenght, durability and structural integrity to welded wire mesh traps, cages and structures. This heavy duty wire mesh is produced from proven and specialized materials. It will have a longer life and is the most cost effective solution for harsh breeding applications. Cavatorta’s Galvafort heavy zinc coating is applied using a proprietary double hot-dipped galvanizing process, wich supports long-term corrosion resistance. A special thermo set primer is applied over the heavy zinc coating. This prevents water intrusion between the PVC coating and the galvanized wire and helps to preserve the wire in cases where the PVC may become damaged.

Cavatorta’s Furmesh has an outstanding PVC coating that is especially formulated for fur breeders and farmers. Furmesh PVC is extremely flexible, cold crack and impact resistant at low temperatures. This special duty coating is able to withstand continuous immersion in chemicals and even in salt water environments.

Fact file

Electro welded
Square or rectangular
Zinc or ecoscor ® environmentally friendly zinc and PVC
Ø Wire
mm 1,50 – 3,50
Roll lenght
m 30,48
Bright alps green
Fox, mink, raccoon, cinchilla and all animal cages
Galvafort_process_blue  Galvaplax_process_green 

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