The elegant, functional and resistant pole

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Made In Italy

Profiled steel octagonal pole, made from hot galvanized steel, plasticized with PVC in green, anthracite grey and other colours upon request, with head sealed by a cap made of plastic in various colours, available with or without the rectangular plate welded to the pole. The octagonal section gives the pole a particular resistance to stress and strain, as well as a captivating and unique design. The accurate plasticising, preceded by hot dip galvanizing ensures the pole an effective protection against corrosion and a smooth and pleasing aesthetic result. The laying of Paldeco on masonry bases is facilitated by the use of a specific metal plate to be bolted to the pole.

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Download the BIM objects related to Paldeco

Fact file

Hot dippede galvanized steel
Polyester Coating thickness
> 60 ┬Ám
Yeld strength
32,26 Kg/mm2
Green or anthracite
For companies and designers
Download the BIM objects related to Paldeco


Also available in the version fitted with the plate welded to the pole, Paldeco is equipped with an assembly kit consisting of screws and collars. Easy to assemble and extremely versatile, Paldeco is the ideal complement to many types of Cavatorta brand nets both in rolls and in panels (Decoplax, Decoplax Evoluzione, Stilplax, Overplax, Everplax, Panoplax...).

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