Mobile construction site fence

  • Construction
  • Professional and security
Made In Italy

Modular panelled fence with reinforced concrete footings, also produced in the high-visibility version. The buffering in high-resistance electro weldedmeshwith a rectangular-shaped mesh, is welded in the middle of the tubular frame. The longitudinal and transverse wires of themeshare made of galvanized steel.

The use of the fencing is for temporary and mobile sites, public areas and spaces. The fence with no sharp edges and, if accompanied by a reflective band, complies with the EEC directives no° 92/57 and 92/58, of Legislative Decree n° 494 of 14.08.96 and with the rules of the Highway Code.

The Mobitec panel is devoid of sharp edges.

Fact file

Panel height
cm 200
Panel length
cm 350
Tubular frame
Ø Tubular
mm 42,00
Filling mesh
Electro welded
Ø Wires
mm 4,00
Reflecting triple band sign according to norms
Temporary fencing for road and construction sites, public areas

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