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Opera: the new installation by Edoardo Tresoldi

The author of internationally renowned works such as Gharfa in Saudi Arabia, Simbiosi in the Arte Sella park in Trentino and the evocative Basilica in the Archaeological Park of Siponto in Puglia, Edoardo Tresoldi amazes us once again with a new permanent public art installation on the Falcomatà seafront in Reggio Calabria.

The installation in question is Opera, a majestic installation consisting of 46 wire mesh columns, which – once again – bears the Cavatorta signature. The columns wind along the path traced by the Lungomare park, standing out against the sky and merging with the surrounding landscape, which is dominated by the sea and the Sicilian coast in the distance. Taking up Tresoldi’s words:

The dialogue between the installation and its location is manifested in the logical distribution of the colonnade, which does not fully conform to that of the park. Similar to a countermelody in music, their overlapping functions like two different melodies that are heard at the same time: crossing the park, the visitor encounters harmonies and disharmonies between the two architectural systems.

Opera then openly pays homage to classical architecture, in a city that was one of the oldest and most flourishing colonies of Ancient Greece and later a city of fundamental importance in the history of Rome. The colonnade welcomes visitors into a new dimension of perception, providing an unexpected perspective for contemplation. It allows you to admire the landscape through an open structure, guiding them along a path that establishes a direct connection between land, sea and sky.

The setting

As a public work, the artist’s desire was to create an installation that paid homage to the setting in which it was made: a place where many people live moments of everyday life, sharing time and space, and from which they can enjoy a breathtaking view. 

“Working with the idea of a public work, I wanted to create a monument that could celebrate the little everyday moments of the people who live on the waterfront,” Tresoldi explained in an interview. “The promenade of Reggio Calabria is a place where many things happen. There is a strong relationship with the natural elements of the Strait: from there you can see Sicily and Etna, for example, and you can admire a series of natural phenomena that interact with the space. I wanted to create a monument to celebrate the contemplation of the Strait and play with the elements of the park where Opera is located. Opera features an open architecture that offers a space for contemplation for the people inside the space”.

The transparency of Absent Material allows this place to speak about itself in a new language and define itself through everything that surrounds it, creating a poetic dimension.

Opera invites sharing, social contact, and encounters – all themes that define the social conjunction of the installation. It makes a genuine appeal to experience the wonders of this land from an everyday perspective and at different times of the day, to discover a landscape that changes with the light. During the daytime, the wire mesh columns blend with the colours of the sea and the natural surroundings, while in the evening they are illuminated from below, creating a defined and evocative architectural statement that is waiting to be experienced.

Once again, Cavatorta has made its own technical contribution by supplying the wire mesh that is the champion of the installation. Once again, we are honoured by this collaboration and deeply moved by the images of Opera.


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