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The best way to fence your garden

An adequate fencing system is essential to surround your garden to protect it from any attempts of intrusion and prying eyes. The solutions available on the market are varied and plentiful; therefore, we have decided to offer you a short guide to help you choose the fence which best suits your specific needs, with an in-depth analysis on electro-welded and chainlink wire mesh.

Evaluating materials and models available

A good garden fence should possess certain specific requirements that we list below:

  • resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • ability to adapt to the characteristics of the terrain;
  • durability and security in the case of an attempted intrusion;
  • ability to integrate harmoniously into the environment;
  • sustainable maintenance.

Naturally, the fence’s performance varies depending on the materials, manufacturing, methods of installation. As for the materials, among the most used in this field we find wood, metal, cement, tuff. Here we will discuss, in depth, metal fences. First, let’s take a look at the advantages that this type of fence offer:

  • easy to install;
  • affordable price;
  • simple maintenance;
  • safety;
  • high resistance;
  • free light passage.

Metal fencing, therefore is ideal to delimit and protect gardens and green areas. On the market, we can find numerous models characterized by different metals and alloys, coatings (zinc, PVC…), types of processing and treatments, shapes and designs. Each of these factors naturally determines a different performance. An important distinction, from this point of view, is between electro-welded metal meshes and chain-link meshes.

  • Electro-welded meshes are rigid, have excellent strength and solidity and last longer, on the other hand, the cost per square metre tends to be higher.
  • Chain-link meshes are more flexible, cost less and are very versatile; moreover, they allow one to trace a non-linear path without the installation of support bases.

A further distinction must be made between metallic meshes which are marketed in rolls and those marketed as panels. The latter are made up of rigid modular panels and are perfect both for installation on level ground, and in the case of mixed enclosures consisting of a wall (made of cement bricks or tuff blocks) and metal panels. For sloping ground, however, it is preferable to opt for wire meshes in chain-link mesh.

Designing and installing the fence

The design phase is essential for success with our fencing system. The elements to be taken into consideration at this stage are many, here we have listed the most important ones:

  • size and characteristics of the garden;
  • peculiarity of neighbouring areas;
  • built structures in the area to be fenced;
  • use of the various areas of the garden: a small vegetable garden, an area reserved for farm animals, a furnished relaxation area …;
  • plants and trees of great importance close to the boundaries of the property;
  • morphological characteristics of particular importance;
  • routes made by pipes and connections relating to various services (electricity, gas, water);
  • position and dimensions of the garden’s access points;
  • position of electric connections;
  • position of irrigation and drainage systems;
  • presence or absence of professionals during the installation phase.

Bearing these factors in mind allows us to set up a project that can best adapt to our real needs. After evaluating the context in the best way possible, we are ready to define the perimeter of the fence, the most appropriate materials and the relative quantities. At this stage it is also advisable to inquire about local and national regulations when it comes to the installation of a new fence.

Once we have finished the design phase, it is advisable to choose the most appropriate installation method and then proceed with the actual installation. In the case of metal fences we would like to point out our guide How to simply and safely install a metal fence.

How to simply and safely install a metal fence

Here we point out the fundamental steps to be followed, in a nutshell:

  • Install the initial poles and proceed with the intermediate ones.
  • Install the tension wires.
  • Install the wire mesh proceeding from the initial post to the last, ensuring you keep it taut and fastening it to the intermediate poles and tension wires.

The right metallic mesh for every need

Let’s take a practical example at this point, to understand how to make a definite choice. Let’s say the case is a private garden surrounding a house, consisting of an area for relaxation, enriched with ornamental flower beds as well as an area reserved for a small vegetable garden. The garden borders with another private property and with a road. In such a situation we would need to adopt different solutions, specifically:

  • Perimeter fencing: we could create a mixed fence consisting of a concrete wall and a welded wire mesh in solid, safe, resistant panels. Next we could envisage green shrubs, which guarantee privacy and integrate the fence in the enclosed green space.
  • Fencing for ornamental flower beds: woven wire mesh is best to protect flowering plants and is characterized by an elegant design, so as to ensure harmonious integration in the garden context.
  • Fencing for the small vegetable garden: knotted or simple twisted wire mesh are characterized by durability and malleability, capable of surrounding and protecting the area designed for vegetables in an effective and discreet way.

Cavatorta garden fences

Cavatorta offers a wide range of products which are ideal for the garden fencing. Here you can see some of the products in the catalogue.


Electro-welded zinc and plastic coated mesh with differentiated mesh characterized by an exclusive and inimitable sought after design. Elegant, safe, stable and easy to install.
Combiplax tech sheet


Plastic-coated metal fencing with differentiated mesh and an arched upper border. Its harmonious aesthetic appearance integrates perfectly with flowerbeds and blooming gardens.
Arcoplax tech sheet

Esaplax light mesh

Electro welded and pvc coated mesh with square-shaped mesh. Particularly suitable for the construction of cages, aviaries, trellises, small containers.
Esaplax light mesh tech sheet


Hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated welded mesh in panels. Panoplax is a highly competitive, strong, elegant long lasting fencing system which is easy to install and is recommended as a residential or light security fencing solution.
Panoplax tech sheet


Modular electro welded panels in galvanized steel wire, plastic coated in a green colour. This fence is characterized by solidity, strength and a pleasant and modern appearance.
Panopro tech sheet

Cover photo by
Theen Moy – Peeping Agapanthus / CC BY-NC-SA

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