How to install a fence on sloping terrain

The installation of a fence on sloping terrain is an operation that requires careful preliminary assessments in order for it to be efficient, durable and suitable for its intended purpose.

In this article we analyse the most important aspects to consider with a focus on Cavatorta products suitable for this type of terrain.

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Protective fencing for agricultural and livestock areas

To effectively protect cultivated land and livestock against intrusions by wild animals, the affected area must first be examined with particular attention to the characteristics of the land and the local fauna. In this article we summarise the fundamental steps to be followed to design an effective fencing system for the protection of agricultural land […]

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Fencing agricultural land: opportunities and solutions

FEATURES AND FUNCTION OF A GOOD FARM FENCE In the agricultural sector, fences have the important task of protecting cultivated land from the possible intrusion of wild animals. To ensure good protection, farmers must choose the most suitable type of fence, considering various factors such as: the animal species present in the area in question, […]

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Padel courts fencing and the new Pad-Sport system

Padel is a sport that combines tennis, beach volleyball and squash and has grown dramatically in recent years. It is played in a fully enclosed court that has to follow specific rules in terms of size and materials. Cavatorta has developed a range of welded mesh panels designed specifically for the fencing of regulation Padel […]

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Monumento the new work by Edoardo Tresoldi

Procuratie Vecchie, a prestigious building located in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, reopened on 8 April 2022 for the first time in 500 years thanks to a significant five-year restoration by David Chipperfield Architects Milan and promoted by Generali. The renovated spaces will house the headquarters of The Human Safety Net foundation, an NGO that […]

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Metal gabions and environmental restoration work

Metal gabions, when properly installed, are fundamental tools for containing ground settlements and subsidence caused by erosion, landslides or seismic activity. Gabions can be used in many different contexts, ranging from urban environments to hilly and mountainous areas. Here, we will focus on their use in environmental restoration work. The role of gabions in environmental […]

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Interview with Daniela Capaccioli: sculptor of transparency

The works of Daniela Capaccioli conquer the gaze and evoke powerful images. Evanescent concrete presences that harmonise with natural environments or pre-existing architecture, creating new, unexpected, and surprising scenarios of beauty. To create her works, Daniela Capaccioli expertly uses and works with Cavatorta wire mesh. For this reason, we decided to interview her to find […]

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Planting vineyards and orchards: role and choice of wires

Planting new vineyards and orchards requires well thought-out planning, the right tools and high-quality materials. There are a number of operations to be carried out. This includes preparing the land and squaring it out, determining the plantation boundaries, providing the necessary space for machinery to manoeuvre and laying the required fencing to protect the plants […]

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