Metal gabions and environmental restoration work

Metal gabions, when properly installed, are fundamental tools for containing ground settlements and subsidence caused by erosion, landslides or seismic activity. Gabions can be used in many different contexts, ranging from urban environments to hilly and mountainous areas. Here, we will focus on their use in environmental restoration work. The role of gabions in environmental […]

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Interview with Daniela Capaccioli: sculptor of transparency

The works of Daniela Capaccioli conquer the gaze and evoke powerful images. Evanescent concrete presences that harmonise with natural environments or pre-existing architecture, creating new, unexpected, and surprising scenarios of beauty. To create her works, Daniela Capaccioli expertly uses and works with Cavatorta wire mesh. For this reason, we decided to interview her to find […]

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Planting vineyards and orchards: role and choice of wires

Planting new vineyards and orchards requires well thought-out planning, the right tools and high-quality materials. There are a number of operations to be carried out. This includes preparing the land and squaring it out, determining the plantation boundaries, providing the necessary space for machinery to manoeuvre and laying the required fencing to protect the plants […]

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The new fencing system by Cavatorta for the Gianni Brera Sports Centre in Milan

The new “Gianni Brera” Municipal Sports Centre in Milan is the result of an ambitious modernisation and redevelopment of an old, pre-existing facility. This wide-ranging project has enabled the creation of a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to various sports. A new space, waiting to be experienced and discovered, and home to the new A.C. Milan football […]

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Sacral by Edoardo Tresoldi at the MAR in Ravenna

With his work Sacral, Edoardo Tresoldi celebrates the ‘Supreme Poet’ at the exhibition of Dante’s work ‘Un’Epopea POP’ organised by the MAR Museum in Ravenna, from 25 September 2021 to 9 January 2022. The work: its essence and its origins The Sacral installation, once again made using Cavatorta wire mesh, is a representation of the […]

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Fillmore, the majestic installation by Tresoldi Studio in New York

Scenic, visionary and surprising. We’re talking about Fillmore, the work of art designed and created by Tresoldi Studio for the Cathédrale restaurant at the Moxy East Village hotel in New York. Having already completed extraordinary works such as Basilica di Siponto, Simbiosi and Opera, Edoardo Tresoldi surprises us once again with an impressive installation that […]

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Cavatorta high-security fences for protecting Ghedi and Aviano Air Bases

Cavatorta Project is the division of the Cavatorta Group responsible for designing and installing: custom-made mesh fencing for farming, construction and industry; perimeter protection, security and defence systems.  With many years of experience producing high-security fencing systems for international customers such as the UN and NATO, the Cavatorta Group has designed and developed new high-tech […]

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Motorway fencing: features and advanced solutions

Vehicles on motorways and major roads need to be protected from external dangers, especially animals straying onto the road. At the same time, in the event of accidents, it is necessary to contain the vehicles involved in the collision in order to prevent them from straying across onto other lanes. Motorway fences perform precisely this […]

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