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How to choose and install the right fence for your home

Choosing and installing an adequate fencing system for your home is essential for protecting your property in the best way possible and, above all else, for the safety of your loved ones.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an effective and long-lasting fence. We have therefore decided to create this guide, which is full of ideas and advice to help you make the best choice.

Think about your own needs the fence characteristics

First, it is a good idea to consider your personal needs alongside other needs, such as your location. The most natural and common requirements are the need to protect your home and, reconciling this against security and aesthetic properties. Naturally, aesthetics and safety do not follow the same rules but are influenced by other issues, for example:

  • for an isolated house, far from the town centre, a secure fencing system may be essential, characterized by dedicated anti-intrusion solutions;
  • for a house in urban areas, it is possible to evaluate aesthetic factors with greater freedom and to opt for a fence system designed with standard safety solutions in mind.

As for aesthetic factors, it is always good to make a choice while trying to align personal tastes with:

  • the style and history of your home;
  • the style of neighbouring buildings and their land or property;
  • the typical materials in the area;
  • the architectural traditions locally.

Think about and choose the materials and type of fence

Once you have focused on your personal needs, you can move on to assessing different types of fencing and related materials. Below you will find the most widespread and popular fences and for each of the features, advantages and drawbacks.

Wooden fences

They require frequent maintenance, they are aesthetically pleasing and low-cost but typically not very effective in terms of safety or security.

Metal fences

They require very little maintenance and are typically very durable. They are good value for money. They offer excellent anti-intrusion characteristics and can offer interesting solutions from an aesthetic perspective.

Masonry fences

They do not require frequent maintenance; they offer privacy and a good level of security. They have a higher average cost.

Metal fencing for the home

Here we will talk in more detail about our specialty: metal fences. At first glance, metal mesh on the market can be very similar. In reality, the differences are real and tangible, since the quality of the raw materials used and the various production methods determine the integrity, safety and durability of the finished product.

In general, quality metal fences:

  • have a high degree of resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • require little maintenance;
  • offer a good degree of security and, where necessary, specific anti-intrusion solutions;
  • they are available in various colours and shapes, to satisfy specific aesthetic and style requirements;
  • adapt easily to different types of terrain.

There are of course different types of metal fences designed and built to meet other needs and uses. Specifically, for fences at home, we recommend electro-welded mesh (in rolls or panels) to be installed as a ‘wall’, in order to ensure safety and security. To complete the project and to take care of the aesthetic appearance, we suggest introducing evergreen shrubs, such as the Bay tree or the Leyland Cypress. This will make the fence system fully harmonious with surroundings whilst protecting you from prying eyes.

Find out about current regulations

It is essential to acquire accurate information on the current planning laws, on a local and national level, in order to understand the constraints and limits, which will need to be adhered to.

Designing and installing the fence

The design phase is essential for the success of the fencing system. The factors to be taken into consideration at this stage are numerous, and we have listed the most important below:

  • extension and characteristics of the area to be fenced;
  • accounting for neighbouring areas;
  • plants and trees close to the boundaries of the property;
  • piping systems and connections relating to property services (electricity, gas, water, waste);
  • position and size of the entrances to your property;

After evaluating these factors as well as possible, you can proceed to define the perimeter of the fence, the necessary materials and the quantities required.
Once the design phase has been completed, we advise choosing the most appropriate installation method and then proceed with the actual installation. In the case of metal fences, refer to our dedicated guide.

Here we list the fundamental steps, in brief, that you should follow:

  1. Install the post starting with the ones at each end and then continue with the intermediate ones.
  2. Install the tension wires.
  3. Install the metal mesh, starting from the first end post to the last one, taking care to keep it taut and fastening it to the intermediate posts and the tension wires.

Now let’s look at some of Cavatorta’s solutions for residential fencing.

Residential fencing designed by Cavatorta


Moonline is an integrated and modular fencing system that combines safety, design and durability over time. A selection of shapes, colours and LED lights is available for a system that can be used in harmony with design architecture and personal tastes.
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Decoplax Evoluzione

Decoplax Evoluzione is an elegant fencing made from electro-welded, plastic-coated wire with octagonal shaped meshes, which give it added strength.
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Made from electro-welded plastic-coated wire with a triple edging. This fencing demonstrates perfect balance, high resistance and easy installation.
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Modular electro welded panels in galvanized steel wire, plastic coated in a green colour, with a rectangular-shaped mesh, horizontal reinforcement ribs and spikes at the top. This fencing is characterized by a pleasant and modern appearance, solidity and strength.
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Hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated welded mesh in panels. Panoplax is a highly competitive, strong, elegant and long lasting fencing system that is easy to install and is recommended as a residential or security fencing solution.
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