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Permanent anti-fall mesh: characteristics, regulations, areas of use

Construction work entails particular risks that can easily be minimised through the use of dedicated tools and equipment.

In this article we will focus on one specific safety device: wire anti-fall mesh, which is essential during construction works and roof maintenance (for example, the reclamation of asbestos roofing, the replacement of skylights and the installation of photovoltaic systems).

Each type of work is characterised by different levels of risk. In this respect, the construction and maintenance of roofing on industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings are examples of high-risk activities that require adequate safety measures. Indeed, roofs that are subject to works may present various hazards, including:

  • sheets that have corroded over time and are no longer stable;
  • skylights, typically made using materials that are not load-bearing;
  • areas that have been temporarily covered, often inadequately, waiting for the completion of work.

Each of these elements presents a real pitfall that is often difficult to identify because they are not adequately signed and protected, and may even be concealed by debris such as leaves, earth, or snow.

Anti-fall mesh and safety

To minimise the risks associated with falling through gaps in roofing, permanent mesh that is suitable for the works being carried out should be installed beneath skylights.

Permanent anti-fall mesh should comply with several specific characteristics: put briefly, this is an electro-welded steel mesh that, when properly installed, can support the weight of a person – even in the case of a fall.

Of course, correct installation with suitable fixing devices is essential to ensure that the mesh itself functions correctly. For this reason, the characteristics of the mesh and its anchor-point should be established after analysing and assessing the environmental factors and the nature and extent of the planned construction works.


Cavatorta has designed and produced two specific anti-fall mesh that we will briefly describe below.

Copertec: the certified anti-fall mesh

Galvanised steel electro-welded mesh with triple selvedge at each end. This mesh been designed to offer protection from the risks associated with falling during maintenance works to asbestos cement slabs and zenith skylights in the roofs of industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings. 

Discover the technical sheet

Coperplax: the plastic-coated anti-fall mesh

Coperplax is the plastic-coated version of Copertec. The plastic-coating is achieved through an exclusive sintering process developed by Cavatorta (Galvaplax Process) which guarantees great resistance over time.

Discover the technical sheet

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