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The new fencing system by Cavatorta for the Gianni Brera Sports Centre in Milan

The new “Gianni Brera” Municipal Sports Centre in Milan is the result of an ambitious modernisation and redevelopment of an old, pre-existing facility. This wide-ranging project has enabled the creation of a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to various sports. A new space, waiting to be experienced and discovered, and home to the new A.C. Milan football school, among other things.

Cavatorta had the pleasure of providing the fencing system for this new sports centre. Here we explore the unique aspects of this project and the solutions that were designed.

The Brera Sports Centre renovation project

The centre originally housed a ring-shaped athletics track, a natural grass football pitch, and an artificial turf pitch. A grandstand for up to 650 spectators, changing rooms for athletes and referees, and a storage area for equipment completed the structure. The renovation project had two objectives: firstly, the redevelopment and security of the centre, and secondly the creation of new social spaces and new sports facilities to expand the facilities of the centre itself.

The area dedicated to athletics was then resized, replacing the loop track with a straight one. New sports structures and multifunctional blocks were added and existing buildings were renovated.

The new sports facilities and areas for play and recreation have therefore created a multifunctional centre for every day.

The new fencing system: characteristics and security standards

In order to comply with the regulations in force and to secure the areas of the entire sports centre, special attention was paid to the fencing system. More specifically, dedicated solutions were developed according to the different requirements: on the one hand solutions needed to protect the entire area occupied by the sports centre, and on the other hand they needed to separate the individual playing areas. 

The fencing system for the football pitches provides two different solutions: one for the short sides and one for the long sides. In the first case, galvanised poles with a height of 6m were chosen, interspersed with 60mm diameter galvanised tube poles with a height of 2.20m. They were combined with a plastic-coated loose mesh, 50 x 50mm with wires with a diameter of 0.75mm. On the long sides, a 2.20m high net was installed with the same characteristics described above.

The fences were also fitted with metal gates, some of which were made to measure, clad with electro-welded mesh with a 50 x 50mm grid and wires with a diameter of 4mm. The gates were made in the same colour as the nets or in yellow, to allow for easy identification of escape routes. Furthermore, the locks used allow the cylinder to be changed, so that only one key can be used to open different gates.

As for the fencing separating the athletes’ areas from the public areas, a single-twist wire mesh in a 50 × 50mm square grid with 4.20mm diameter galvanised steel wire was used. The mesh was plasticised using Cavatorta’s exclusive Galvaplax Process technology, which allows the metal wire to be plasticised by sintering. In short, the hot-dip galvanised wire is completely immersed in a bath of special primer which allows the PVC powders (once melted at high temperature) to adhere perfectly to the metal and form a compact and homogeneous coating. This process provides durability and corrosion-resistance while enhancing the aesthetics of the coating, such as its uniformity and gloss.

In addition to the wire mesh, there are 5 rows of tensioning cables with a diameter of 4mm and 19 strands, galvanised and plasticised steel binding wires with a diameter of 2.60 mm, and galvanised clamps and turnbuckles.

The fencing system thus complies with regulations and safety requirements of UNI EN 13200-3.

Cavatorta solutions for fencing sports facilities

Cavatorta offers fencing systems specifically designed for sports facilities that comply with current regulations and guarantee high standards in terms of durability and safety. For more information, we invite you to view our Catalogue online, especially the T-Sport line.

In addition, for particularly complex projects requiring customised solutions, Cavatorta offers a dedicated design, consultancy, and production service. For more information we invite you to get in touch: we will be happy to provide you with a personalised quote and dedicated consultancy.

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