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Motorway fencing: features and advanced solutions

Vehicles on motorways and major roads need to be protected from external dangers, especially animals straying onto the road. At the same time, in the event of accidents, it is necessary to contain the vehicles involved in the collision in order to prevent them from straying across onto other lanes.

Motorway fences perform precisely this protective function. To protect the safety of road users, however, they must be equipped with certain specific features.

In this article we provide an in-depth look at the requirements that motorway fences need to meet, with a focus on Cavatorta products designed for fencing large areas.

Motorway fencing: characteristics

Usually, motorway fences are constructed using metal mesh, which is electro-welded and offers differentiated meshes. It is narrower and denser at the bottom to prevent any attempt at intrusion by wild animals or people, becoming gradually wider towards the top. They are generally at least one metre high and installed with U-shaped or T-shaped posts placed at 2 metre intervals and reinforced with tension wires. In order to provide additional strength to the whole fence, upwind posts are usually installed every 30 metres, with a cornerstone post every 90 to 100 metres.

Along some specific sections of the motorway network, the height of the wire mesh can be as high as 120/190 centimetres. This is the case when the road crosses large wild areas, runs close to other secondary roads or railway lines, or is in areas with a high risk of wildlife crossing.

Given the high speed of traffic on motorways, it is essential to design and build a fencing system that meets all the necessary safety requirements and that can guarantee excellent performance over time in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance, remaining mindful of constant exposure to mechanical stress, atmospheric agents, and temperature fluctuations.

From this point of view, it is also essential to promote projects to upgrade motorway fencing that consider the characteristics of the road and its setting, and respect the specific protection needs of both road users and animals.

Cavatorta fencing for roads and motorways

Cavatorta has developed Autofor, a fencing system specifically designed for large areas and in particular motorways. Here we describe it.

Autofor is an electro-welded wire mesh, wich has been heavily galvanized and has progressive mesh disposal from bottom to top created specifically for motorway fencing. This system is strong, secure, fast and simple to install. The deep welding points provide a fence unequalled in its stability and the heavily galvanized wires ensure the greatest protection against corrosion.

Autofor system is completed with post, stays, tying and tension wires, wire strainer and fixing accessories, all supplied by Cavatorta. Manufactured and supplied in 50 m rolls in shrink wrapped pallets with 6 rolls. Autofor is also available on request in any other mesh disposal.

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