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Metal gabions and environmental restoration work

Metal gabions, when properly installed, are fundamental tools for containing ground settlements and subsidence caused by erosion, landslides or seismic activity. Gabions can be used in many different contexts, ranging from urban environments to hilly and mountainous areas. Here, we will focus on their use in environmental restoration work.

The role of gabions in environmental restoration work

Gabion walls are modular retaining structures consisting of parallel gabion baskets made of wire mesh and filled with stones and other debris, the characteristics of which may vary depending on the requirements of the project. Their structure and the materials used to make them give the gabions a remarkable ability to adapt to the conformation of the terrain, making it possible to carry out various types of environmental restoration work. Below is a list of some of them:

  • consolidation of landslide areas in mountainous areas;
  • stabilisation of slopes and reconstitution of vegetation cover to mitigate aesthetic impact;
  • protection of river and stream banks against erosion;
  • construction of embankments and weirs to regulate watercourses;
  • canalling of riverbeds;
  • stabilisation of seismic soils;
  • landscape improvement works.

The filling materials used vary depending on the needs of the project. For example, drainage material is used to stabilise landslides, while specific backfill materials are used in projects with a high environmental impact to encourage the growth of vegetation while restoring and preserving the local ecosystem.

The benefits of gabions

Their flexible structure, modular form and extreme resistance give metal gabions a wide versatility of use and numerous advantages including:

  • speed and ease of installation;
  • immediate containment effect;
  • use of locally sourced filling materials, saving time and transport costs;       
  • flexible and water-permeable structure;
  • ability to adapt to the shape and roughness of the ground, even in areas that are difficult to access, such as hills and mountains.

Cavatorta gabions

Our metal gabions are modular blocks made of electro-welded or double-twisted galvanised mesh panels with zinc, zinc/aluminium or zinc and PVC covers. The wires have a diameter of between 4mm and 5mm and the mesh can be square or rectangular.

If required, holes can be drilled in the mesh to allow for the installation of pipes or other material, and they can also be filled mechanically.

On request, we can produce gabions with different mesh sizes and dimensions.

For more information, we invite you to view the technical data sheet for Cavatorta gabions.
You can also read our article with function, characteristics and installation modes of metal gabion cages.

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