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Fences for agricultural land: features and functions

Features and function of a good farm fence

In the agricultural sector, fences have the important task of protecting cultivated land from the possible intrusion of wild animals. To ensure good protection, farmers must choose the most suitable type of fence, considering various factors such as:

  • the animals present in the area, their particular characteristics and typical behaviours;
  • the physical characteristics of the area to be fenced.

With regard to the first point, we believe that fences must be designed to both form an effective barrier and ensure the safety of animals. As for the second point, farmers should always choose a fence that can ensure good performance on even the most difficult terrain, compensating for any slopes and irregularities.

We must also remember that the movement of wildlife is mainly driven by the search for food and is strongly tied to the availability of resources outside the cultivated areas. In this regard, it is good practice, where possible, to identify the routes most used by wild animals and protect their access to them.

Ensuring your farm fence is in line with standards

Each nation has specific regulations regarding fences for agricultural land. Before designing and installing your fencing system, you should therefore ensure you are aware of the regulations in force in your local area.

A decision from the authorities may be required with regard to the materials used, the structural characteristics and the dimensions of the fence itself. The impact on the land is therefore always an important factor, and should be carefully assessed according to the physical and historical characteristics and landscape of the area in question.

Fences for agricultural land from Cavatorta

Cavatorta offers several different types of metal mesh for agricultural land. The following list lays out the most important products for the agricultural sector and their associated characteristics.

Single twist galvanised steel mesh with a square grid. The wire is coated in plastic using the exclusive Galvaplax sintering process developed by Cavatorta.

Galvanised chainlink
Single twist galvanised steel mesh with a square grid. This mesh is extremely flexible, allowing it to adapt to steep slopes.

Knotted heavy-duty galvanised steel mesh with graduated sizing.

Knotted galvanised steel mesh with graduated sizing. Ideal for fencing large areas.

Knotted mesh with graduated sizing, set apart by its zinc-aluminium alloy coating, which ensures excellent durability in the long term.

Electro-welded galvanised mesh with a rectangular or square grid.

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